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Need DPR CE Hours - Take the Air Blast Sprayer Online Course

Air blast sprayer in walnut orchard

Time to renew your DPR license? Take a new online course on air blast sprayer calibration —Cheryl Reynolds, UC Statewide IPM Program   We're excited to announce that a brand-new online course on air blast spray calibration is now available....

Posted on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 1:01 PM
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Registration OPEN for Farm Smart Fall Programs

IV AG Flyer with FFa emblem Explore Imperial Valley Agriculture with Farm Smart this Fall.  Whether its interviewing ag professionals or taking a field trip to various ag operations across the...

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2020 at 11:41 AM
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UCCE 2019/2020 Outstanding Team Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Khaled Bali

Kearney's Dr. Khaled Bali, UCCE irrigation water management specialist, was recognized in late June for exceptional collaboration skills and problem-solving with the UCCE 2019/2020 Outstanding Team Distinguished Service Award. In conjunction with 16 other academics and advisors from UCCE as well as five State Water Resources Control Board engineers, Khaled and his team have addressed a problem that was a burden and financial strain on growers and cattle ranchers in California. A state senate bill mandating water right holders to measure and report water diversions greater than 10 acre-feet per year was a compliance challenge due to the cost to have certified personnel, or engineers, measure diversions. As a solution, Khaled and his team developed a 3.5-hr water measurement and reporting course to certify diverters, such as the landowners, in order to facilitate compliance with water diversion reporting. With support from the University of California, Assembly Bill 589 was passed and became law in 2018 enabling anyone who passes the course to be considered a “qualified individual” and subject to considerable savings. The team has conducted over 20 workshops in Northern, Central and Southern California and certified over 1,200 diverters since passage of the bill. They are in the process of offering online courses.

Khaled is a perfect example of the collaborative spirit of the UC Cooperative Extension. He routinely assists other researchers and staff on their projects when questions about water management arise. He was last seen harvesting almonds for a variable irrigation experiment while discussing plans for future collaboration with another member of Cooperative Extension. Here is another example of Khaled and UCANR's bend towards collaboration and problem solving, a five-year project that starts this fall to address sustainable food systems amidst climate change utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in agriculture:

Dr. Bali first came to Kearney in July of 2016 after nearly 25 years with UCCE as the irrigation/water management advisor at the Desert REC in Holtville, just outside El Centro, CA. Additionally, Khaled served as the County Director for UCCE-Imperial County for 7 years and was the Interim Director of the Desert REC for two years. Kearney is fortunate to have Khaled on board, collaborating and conducting research with his staff in the alfalfa fields by Manning Ave. as well as orchards on the 340 acre station and within driving distance of Parlier.


Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 6:23 PM

UCCE 2019/2020 Outstanding Research Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Carlos Crisosto

Belated congratulations are now extended to Dr. Carlos Crisosto for receiving the UCCE 2019/2020 Outstanding Research Distinguished Service Award. This honor was announced in late June and recognizes outstanding accomplishments by UCCE academics over a significant period of time for: academic excellence; innovative methods of obtaining new knowledge; the impact of research on clientele and the level of adoption; and the incorporation of research into extension programs.

The following remarks were made by The Academic Assembly Council Distinguished Service Award Committee:

The committee recommends Carlos Crisosto for the Outstanding Research Award. Dr. Crisosto, Postharvest Physiology Extension Specialist, has demonstrated an exceptional research program with impacts on both the California food industry and consumers through his work on postharvest handling of tree fruits and nuts. His work has had a high impact on food loss reduction, improvement of fruit quality and safety, and expansion of markets for California agriculture. Highlights of Dr. Crisosto's work include his incorporation of consumer perceptions into the measurement of fruit quality, collaborative development and implementation of protocols for fruit ripening, transportation, and retail handling, and research into consumer perceptions of different cultivars. His outstanding research has been coupled with an outreach and education program that included extension through site visits, in person workshops, short courses, manuals, popular articles, websites and collaboration. In addition to his academic successes, Dr. Crisosto was awarded the Industry Distinguished Service & Achievement Award by the California fig industry in recognition of supporting cultivar development, improving marketing and utilization of dried and fresh figs over his career. The success of Dr. Crisosto's program is a testament to the outstanding work in applied research that can be accomplished through UC ANR.

Carlos is joining other members of the UC KAC/KARE community who have received Distinguished Service Awards from UCCE: 2011 Outstanding Extension – Walt Bentley, area IPM advisor and 2016 Outstanding Leader - Peter Goodell, UC Cooperative Extension IPM advisor.

For over 30 years, Carlos has been a UC Davis, California State-Wide Pomology Postharvest Specialist in charge of fresh fruit and nuts. Previously he worked as an Assistant Pomology Professor at the Universidad Católica de Chile, working with deciduous fruit. We still see Carlos at the Kearney postharvest building working with grad students and the local industry to develop methods for optimum preservation of stone fruit after harvest. Over the years, Carlos has made full use of the amenities at Kearney for his applied research. Research amenities include 21 walk-cold rooms, gas exchange board for manipulating storage atmosphere, ample office space and lab benches, personnel devoted to facilitating research and a cohesive network of colleagues to engage and collaborate with.

Congratulations, Carlos, and thank you for all your hard work and mentoring.

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666 (1280x1140)

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 6:16 PM

$300 Agriculture Education Grants for Imperial Valley Teachers

2020 CAITC grant flyer

Through the generous donations of the Imperial County Farm Bureau, Imperial County Vegetable Growers Association, Farm Credit West, Imperial Valley Water, and California Women for Agriculture-Imperial Valley there are a limited number of grants available...

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 11:18 AM
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