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FARM SMART hosts FFA event

20140919 091953 Android

Sep. 19 - FARM SMART hosted 125 beginning agriculture science and FFA students from all over the Imperial Valley as part of the Imperial Section FFA Greehand Conference, designed to foster an interest in agriculture, science, and leadership....

20140919 091953 Android
20140919 091953 Android

20140919 091403 Android
20140919 091403 Android

Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 9:39 AM
  • Author: Sam Urie
Tags: agriculture (13), education (37), FARM SMART (5), FFA (8)

Valuable Lessons Learned While Raising Livestock

Jake Williams of Smartsville 4-H in the show ring at the Yuba-Sutter Fair

Raising livestock at any age requires an array of skills and knowledge in areas ranging from animal health, nutrition and proper handling to resource and business management. It is certainly not a job that can be taken lightly, which is why it is so...

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 8:17 AM
  • Author: Megan G Osbourn
Tags: 4-H (22), Beef Cattle (23), Community (9), Education (37), FFA (8), Future (8), Outreach (43), Rangeland Management (27), SFREC (72), UCCE (25), Workshop (21)

SFREC Hires an Agricultural Communications Coordinator for the Summer


SFREC was in need of a pair of interested, capable, and flexible hands for the summer to help with a renewed effort to communicate the broad array of activities currently underway and outline the many opportunities for research, education and outreach at...

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 10:24 AM
Tags: 4-H (22), Cal Poly (1), FFA (8), Outreach (43), SFREC (72), Staff (3), Summer Intern (2)

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