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The REC system is a strong, vibrant organization of research and education academics supported by extraordinary research management capacity to conduct agriculture, natural resource and human resource programs that
enable the delivery of the highest quality science to promote healthy citizens and thriving communities.

Calendar of Events

REC System Strategic Plan


  • Rangeland Forage Production and Sensor Data- April 2019

    Added April 22, 2019
    Graph-Forage Production By Month

  • 2019 Agronomic Crops and Irrigation Water Management Field Day

    Added April 19, 2019
    Ali Montazar, UCCE Irrigation Advisor, discussing subsurface irrigation in alfalfa

    UC DREC hosted the 2019 Agronomic Crops and Irrigation Water Management Field Day on April 11. The field day was organized by UCCE Imperial County and included a hay wagon ride tour through field research projects and indoor presentations. Researchers...

  • CSU Channel Islands Seminar at HAREC

    Added April 19, 2019
    CSUCI students at HAREC

    A warm HAREC welcome to Dr. Tracylee Clarke and her Leadership Studies class from CSU Channel Islands. Dr. Clarke brought 22 students to see how leadership skills learned in class might be applied on a Research and Education Center. Throughout the visit,...

  • Research in Your Watershed

    Added April 18, 2019
    Research in your Watershed

    Do you love the Yuba watershed? Would you like to learn more about it? Join us, with Know Your Watershed Month NEXT TUESDAY, April 23, to learn more about the watershed and climate research that is happening right in your watershed! Speakers...

  • Intern Student at Desert REC

    Added April 11, 2019
    mariana photo3

    Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field.   Learning doesn't just take place in the classroom — participating in internships can provide a wealth...

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