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The REC system is a strong, vibrant organization of research and education academics supported by extraordinary research management capacity to conduct agriculture, natural resource and human resource programs that
enable the delivery of the highest quality science to promote healthy citizens and thriving communities.

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REC System Strategic Plan


  • Lower Yuba River Management Team Hosts Symposium at SFREC

    Added July 22, 2014
    Over 60 members of the public and agency officials participated.

    The Yuba River is an important waterway and landmark for many locals. It may offer the perfect fishing hole or a place to cool off on a warm summer day, while others might simply drive along it on their commute to work. For the Lower Yuba River Accord:...

  • Walnut twig beetle counts decreasing after late spring peak

    Added July 16, 2014
    Yelena Martinez sorts insects under a microscope.

    The emergence cycle of captured walnut twig beetles (WTB) is being documented at LREC.  The tiny beetles, in addition to a suite of other log-dwelling insects (including their parasitoids), emerge nearly year-round from infested walnut logs...

  • Meet Skyler Peterson!

    Added July 16, 2014
    Skyler Peterson

    We are pleased to introduce our newest IREC team member, Skyler Peterson, Staff Research Associate. Skyler is a recent graduate of the Oregon Institute of Technology with a BA in Environmental Sciences.  While at OIT, he participated in research...

  • FoodTalks Showcases HAREC Program

    Added July 14, 2014

    Chris Massa, Food Corps service member presents at the 2014 Farm to Cafeteria Conference in Austin, Texas.  Seventh and eighth grade students from Balboa Middle School participated in this after school program-a collaborative effort between HAREC...

  • Creating Productive Pastures Using Less Water

    Added July 14, 2014
    Putting soil moisture sensors to use

    The current water crisis and threat of reduced water supplies has irrigators in a critical position to ensure each application of water is maximized. An ongoing project at the Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center, led by Larry Forero, UCCE...

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