Research and Extension Center System
University of California
Research and Extension Center System


The REC system is a strong, vibrant organization of research and education academics supported by extraordinary research management capacity to conduct agriculture, natural resource and human resource programs that
enable the delivery of the highest quality science to promote healthy citizens and thriving communities.

REC System Strategic Plan


  • Drought Strategies for Crops

    Added February 7, 2018
    Field of green.

    As part of the California climate, periodic droughts will continue to be cause for concern when it comes to managing water use. UC recently launched a video series that addresses awareness and planning during a drought and in times of abundant...

  • Census of Agriculture

    Added February 2, 2018

    The Census of Agriculture is the voice of our farming community. The census collects information on the nation's farms and ranches from small to large operations. But time is off the essence--the deadline is February 5. Producers should visit...

  • Farmers - don't be left out...

    Added February 2, 2018

    If you are growing any crops, rural or urban, please be sure to fill out the the Census of Agriculture. This census counts farms and ranches and those who operate them. Whether small or large plots of land, your response counts if $1,000 or more of...

  • Farm Smart showcases Desert REC and Imperial County Ag

    Added February 2, 2018
    Visitors Harvesting in the U-Pick Garden

    The Imperial Valley's beautiful winters have long attracted winter visitors to the area, and most come very curious about what's growing throughout this region. Since 2001, the UC Desert Research and Extension Center (DREC) has showcased Imperial County...

  • 3rd Annual REC Community Education Specialist workshop held at Desert REC

    Added January 31, 2018
    ces meeting group photo

    Community Education Specialist (CES) from across the state of California came together on January 24-25, 2018 at the UC Desert Research and Extension Center in Holtville, CA. There are 9 Research and Extension Centers (REC) throughout the state, all...

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