Researcher Spotlights

Ali Montazar

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Ali Montazar is a UCCE Irrigation and Water Management Advisor conducting research at Desert REC.

What led you to become an irrigation and water management advisor?

I come from a farming family in an arid region. My initial connection with agriculture, irrigation, and water-related issues comes from my childhood. This led me to become an irrigation and drainage engineer in the first place. As an irrigation and agricultural water management specialist, my intention has always been to develop and conduct applied research to solve problems and disseminate the information and tools to growers and ag. stakeholders. Being a UCCE irrigation and water management advisor provides me with this great opportunity to make a difference in the low desert region, California, and beyond.  

What brought your work to Desert REC?

I am a UCCE irrigation and water management advisor based in Imperial County, therefore Desert REC is the best UC Research Facility for me to conduct my research. I found Desert REC as a great research facility in Southern California.   

What do you hope to learn from your research at Desert REC?

My research focus at Desert REC is irrigation and nutrient management, and viability assessment of innovative irrigation tools and technologies.  Through the recent three major studies that I have conducted at DREC, I aimed to develop science-based information and understand more about (1) subsurface drip irrigation and irrigation strategies in alfalfa, (2) the viability of using subsurface drip irrigation in organic spinach production and downy mildew management, and (3) irrigation and nitrogen best management practices in carrots.   

What is your favorite part about conducting your research at Desert REC?

The facility is accessible and very well-managed, and the crew is always available to provide support.

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